We are a small family business of Terra.

Our passion is wine, coffee and tasty food. 

Terra is a family business with more than twenty years' tradition. Founded by Iva Gašpárová under a name Restaurace na půdě (In the attic). Now, her son Tomáš is looking after the place with his wife Markéta. Terra is following traditions and quality in harmony with the nature. We love natural wine and quality gastronomy.

We are working with single origin coffee from small speciality roasters. We are happy to prepare the coffee as espresso or handbrew.

Our most beloved product is wine from small winemakers, who respect their vineyards and its grapes. That means that they do not use any herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in a process. They suffice only with herb based sprayings, which do not burden the soil that the vineyard takes the nutrients from. The picking is done by hand to select the ripe and healthy grapes only. In a cellar, they treat their grapes without any selected yeasts and other additives.

Each year, these winemakers aim to reflect the variety and conditions under which the grapes grew. These wines are characteristic to its winemaker. We are happy to help you choose the right bottle of wine for you. In case you fall in love with one of our wines. We offer 20% off for takeaways.


We offer:

Birthday parties

Corporate parties

Tasting evenings

Vouchers (300Czk, 500Czk, 800Czk, 1000Czk)

  • +420 725 319 856
  • Frýdecká 270, 739 61, Třinec

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Opening hours
restaurant and wine bar

Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 21:00
Friday - Saturday 08:00 - 22:00
Sunday Closed

The kitchen closes 1 hour before closing time.  


rezervace +420 725 319 856

Tomáš Gašpár

majitel +420 728 626 477
Frýdecká 270, 739 61, Třinec
IČ: 07361335 DIČ: CZ9102195377